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Why is it important to have a backup?

All devices that store massive amounts of information have, even if minimal, the possibility of failure; there is no completely infallible system. Therefore, having a backup copy of information is necessary since the probability of two devices failing is much less likely.

It's not all about software

Additionally, hardware problems can occur, which we may be unaware of and can render our computer unusable if it overheats and the hard drive burns out.

Not everything is hacking

Accidents can also happen. An unauthorized person enters the laptop and unknowingly deletes important files, causing significant losses.

How can we help you?

We know how complex managing cybersecurity in SMEs can be, which is why our solutions provide centralized visibility and management of security devices without sacrificing efficiency and quality of the customer experience.


Your company's data can be properly, reliably, and flexibly backed up.


No incident in your infrastructure will leave your organization adrift, Veeam will always be there to respond.


Don't stop growing. With Veeam, you will never need to stop your organization, speed and fluidity will set you apart from the competition.

Veeam Backup & Replication proporciona disponibilidad para todas sus cargas de trabajo cloud, virtuales y físicas. A través de una consola de administración de diseño sencillo, puede llvevar a cabo el back up, recuperación y replicación de forma rápida, flexible y fiable para todas sus aplicaciones y datos.

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