2023 Ransomware Flashcard
Black Hat Edition

The 2023 Ransomware Flashcard: Black Hat Edition brings you an infographic snapshot of how Ransomware is becoming bolder in 2023

Stay Ahead of Evolving Cyber Threats

Ransomware is not laying low in 2023. As the digital landscape evolves, so do the tactics of threat actors. What was once a covert operation has transformed into a brazen show of power. Ransomware groups, once wary of public attention, are now openly demanding ransoms and broadcasting their intentions. The wake of the colonial pipeline attack marked a turning point — a point where the world saw that the threat is real and ever-present.

Ransomware Precursor Activity: A Glimpse
into Imminent Threats

Strengthening Defenses with Network Visibility

Ransomware groups are advancing boldly, evading defenses and expanding their reach. Even a slight vulnerability or an inadvertent click can invite precursor malware into a network. A robust cybersecurity approach requires multi-layered defense, blending prevention and detection. Though defenses might be breached, there’s hope. Ransomware groups must navigate networks to achieve their aims, making network visibility crucial. It empowers you to proactively detect, understand, and halt malicious activities, thwarting ransomware payloads.

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