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One of the goals of digitalization is inclusion, the possibility of democratizing technology. Cooperatives reach where banks do not, that is why advancing in their digital transformation process is the first step to achieve the financial inclusion of thousands of people who need solutions that simplify their day-to-day lives..

  • Ágil Pagos is a virtual wallet developed in conjunction with SG Financial Technology, created on Microsoft Azure, and with the support of Banco Coinag. Designed exclusively for any mutual or cooperative to use and adapt, it allows connecting the mutual with its affiliates and allowing them to make payments, transfers, save and carry out any procedure online, and definitively change the way of operating by opting for a more agile and secure digital culture.
  • Aginco is the first cooperative to adopt Ágil Pagos and also the first cooperative to make a transfer from a virtual wallet to a bank account with CBU (this was validated by COELSA, the Electronic Clearing Chamber created by most of the large public and private banks to implement the New National Payment System). In less than six months, more than 8400 people were using it, representing 20% of their members. They were able to add new services and product lines from the cooperative to the wallet. Additionally, during the pandemic, it helped them a lot to reduce the circulation of affiliates in branches and preserve everyone’s health.

Cooperatives reach where banks do not. They are part of the Social Economy since they are non-profit entities. They organize under their values and principles to provide services and mutual aid to workers, the most disadvantaged sectors, as well as SMEs and middle classes. In Argentina, there are an estimated 38,500 cooperatives and 5700 mutuals (INAES, National Institute of Social Economy)..

“In an economy like Argentina’s, where millions of people are not banked, without access to electronic payments, and who carry out almost all operations and procedures in person and with physical money, moving towards the digital transformation of cooperatives and mutuals is the initial kick to the financial inclusion of its users. It is not only about the implementation of technological solutions but also an educational process towards a market niche that is neglected by innovation and that must be a central part of the innovation revolution”, commented Mauro Pincolini, manager of SG Financial Technology.

There is an increasingly greater demand on the part of members to have a solution that simplifies their financial day-to-day, to which is added the fact that in 2020, many people looked for a mutual to request a loan, but due to isolation measures, they had no way of doing so since they could not physically go to branches. In this scenario, Ágil Pagos was born, where associates who requested economic assistance could be credited and then access the money without the need to move.

The solution integrates with cooperative entities and mutual cooperatives so that members can carry out 100% online and automated processes without amount limits or restrictions. For example: payment of services, transfers to third parties (although, today, mutuals can do it in closed and internal systems, they do not have the necessary tools to do it to another bank account or another virtual wallet), etc. This development allows, in simple steps, to connect the mutual with its affiliates and carry out any type of operation, all digitally.


Aginco is the first cooperative to adopt Ágil Pagos. Also, it is a pioneer in making a transfer from a virtual wallet to a bank account with CBU (this was validated by COELSA, which is the Electronic Clearing Chamber) through the services of Banco Coinag.

This SME from Santa Fe was born in the late 90s with the aim of including those populations affected by the economic crisis, attending to basic needs of its people, such as the payment of pensions, taxes, and public or private services. The focus of the institution is on agriculture, industry, and commerce. It has around 100 employees at its headquarters and 12 branches distributed throughout the Province of Santa Fe.

DSince August 2020, pressed by the COVID-19 pandemic and, as witnesses that their affiliates were already using other digital payment methods, they chose Ágil Pagos to set up their own digital wallet. The first successful test was done among its employees. Months later, they made it available to their affiliates, who quickly began to implement it for various operations. The results were quick and concrete. For affiliates, it meant significant time savings since they did not have to go to the branches to generate transactions; also, greater security and autonomy of time, avoiding cash handling and not depending on the mutual’s service hours.

“Thanks to Ágil Pagos, we were able to add new services and product lines from the mutual to the wallet. In times of pandemic, it helped us a lot to reduce the circulation of affiliates in the branches, preserving everyone’s health,” says Javier Wachtmeister, Commercial Manager of Aginco. “At the same time, affiliates adopted it quickly and familiarly. This was reflected in the number of users who turned to the digital wallet. We started testing it internally and, in less than six months, more than 8400 people are using it, representing 20% of our affiliates. It’s the development of a true digital culture, with changes in habits from everyone. Azure technology was key in this process.”

“For two years, Banco Coinag has been going through a digital transformation process whose pillar is the provision of technological solutions to SMEs and companies, in order to bring them closer to the financial world. That’s why we are proud to be part of Aginco’s technological innovation process, betting on accompanying this path with other organizations“,

comments María Eugenia Del Basso, Technology and Systems Manager at Banco Coinag.